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Whether you’re in the bush or Aussie suburbia, you will have to contend with leaf debris, bird life, possums, vermin and in some areas, the threat of bushfire. Gutter guard, also known as gutter mesh or leaf guard, is the perfect solution to these problems. Available in a range of profiles and colours to match any roof style and colour palette. We can make to measure for those difficult situations too!

Cleaner Water Collection

With our gutter guard, not just your gutters are clear, but the water flowing into your water tanks is kept clean and clear of debris.

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Leaf & Debris Protection

Gutter guard keeps your gutters clear from leaves and organic matter and prevents your gutters from corrosion, downpipes from blocking, water feeding back into your ceiling and your facias and roof from rotting.

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Fire & Ember Protection

Protecting your gutter from leaves and debris prevents it from becoming fuel that could contribute to the flammability of your home. The metal gutter mesh has a 0 (zero) fire rating from the CSIRO for flammability and ignitability.

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Bird, possum and vermin protection

The .55m thick metal gutter guard is fastened to the gutter with powder coated screws, and fitted under tiles or for corrugated roofs finished with powder coated screws and a silicon edge, preventing access to the roof cavity.


Qualified Tradespeople. A perfect fit every time!

Leaves Aren’t Us use fully qualified installers and recommend The Leaf Man Australia Gutter Guard to ensure a perfect fit for every roof type! Our dedicated and professional team includes the most experienced, fully insured and certified installers, and we provide a gutter guard service second to none.

Leaves Aren’t Us gives you a personalised service, handling all aspects of your job from consultation, production to installation.

We use The Leaf Man Gutter Guard because they are renowned throughout Australia for their superior quality product. And because The Leaf Man manufactures the gutter guard in Australia using Australian BlueScope Zinculume® Steel and Australian employees.

Tiled Roof

We create a fold from the measurement of the step from your tile to gutter. Our gutter guards are custom manufactured to fit your roof so there is a secure fit. It’s fixed to the lip of the gutter and slips neatly under the first row of tiles for a perfect fit and look.

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Corrugated Roof

We can fit custom gutter guard to your corrugated roof. The Gutter Guard is machine scalloped to fit perfectly into the corrugations of your roof. Our gutter guards are available in all COLORBOND® colours to match your roof.

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Flat Roof

We can fit gutter guards to a flat roof. Our consultants will thoroughly measure your roof so that our manufacturers can custom make the gutter guard unique to your roofline. Suitable for all flat roof profiles such as Kliplock®, Trimdek®, Spandek®, COLORBOND® and more.

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Box Gutter

A box gutter is usually located between two roofs and commonly found on industrial and commercial roofing. We have qualified employees to install on such sites and we ensure custom made gutter guard to fit any size box gutter – even if over 1 metre wide!

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  • Longer life for gutters and roof timbers.
  • Will not sag or pit.
  • Requires no saddles or brackets in the installation.
  • Highest Fire rating and ember protection.

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I really like how the gutter guards look on my tiled roof. And they really work! My gutters are now clear of debris. Very happy.
Barry T, Home Owner
I have saved so much time not having to clean gutters and I am so happy. Thank you!!
Jennifer B, Home Owner
Great service from start to finish – and the installed gutter guards matches my colour bond roof perfectly! Wow
Shae H, Home Owner
“Leaves arent us were very professional to deal with & very prompt in quoting. They were willing to listen to my needs & adjust their services to suit my needs & budget. Their product is top quality and I would highly recommend them.”
Leanne T, Home Owner

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